Welcome to the Parish of Kildwick, Cononley and Bradley

The parish (called “KCB” by its friends) was created in 2019 by the joining of the two parishes of Kildwick and Cononley with Bradley.

This site (and our companion Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/KCBParish ) portray some of the life in and around the parish, much though ordinary life has been disrupted during these extraordinary Covid times.

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The Flower Festival

Preparations for the “70 Glorious Years” Flower Festival at St Andrew’s Church are moving on apace.   Flower arrangers from all around (not just Yorkshire, but even from across the border in Lancashire!) are plotting and planning.  The Heavy Construction Group have various staging and stands in hand.  The Publicity Team have recruited the Church school.  Banners and posters are evolving – and all will be ready for our opening night
on June 17th.  See you there!

See more details – and book a Preview Evening ticket here

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The May Pinnacle is published

The May edition of the magazine is out now.  In a rather slim edition (get your pens out, folks!) we hear news of our new vicar, who’ll be arriving sometine this summer.  There’s information about two Festivals in the parish – and a pen-portrait of one of the priests who has been supporting us through our vacancy.

Download your copy here

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Cononley Scarecrow Festival Is Back!

ScarecrowThe festival is taking place between 30th April and 2nd May and the theme is ‘A Right Royal Scarecrow Festival’.

Refreshments, including delicious homemade cakes, will be served on Sunday afternoon at St. John’s Church between 1.30 – 4.00. Also, in the Institute on Monday from late morning onwards, where homemade soup and rolls will be available for lunch and yet more delicious homemade cakes!

Please do come along and enjoy the trail.

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Revd Mike Green announced as our new vicar

On Easter Sunday, we heard the news that we’ve all been praying for:

An announcement from the Bishop of Leeds was read out that told us that the Revd Mike Green has been appointed as our new vicar.

Mike will be coming sometime in the summer, with his wife Esther and two children, Lukas and Alice.

Mike has written a short letter of introduction that can be seen here.

No arrangements have yet been made for his welcoming.  There’s a good deal of work needed before we can make too many plans.  But it is great to know that our new vicarage will now be filled!

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Easter Sunday

Sadly, Bishop Colin, who was to lead our Easter celebrations this year has been struck with Covid.  We hear that he is feeling reasonably well, but, of course, he is unable to be with us, either on Good Friday or Easter Sunday.

The Good Friday meditations will be held as planned.  They will be held in each church from 2-3pm.

We are unable to find a priest who can take the Easter service at St Andrew’s.  There will, therefore, be NO SERVICE at St Andrew’s.  There are two options within the parish:

St Mary’s, Bradley at 9.30am
St John’s, Cononley at 11.00pam

We wish you all a blessed Easter

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The April Magazine

Spring is sprung and the daffoldils are out!

The April magazine celebrates the arrival of longer days and lighter evenings with photos of the St Andrew’s path and the Labyrinth, picked out in little Tête a Tête daffodils.  (It was a privilege, the other day, to meet the people who planted the path daffodils, in memory of their father)

We have a “biopic” of Bishop Colin, who will be leading many of our services through April and news of how Cononley WI went progging one day.  There are plans for Great Works on the Kildwick flowerbed as well as the sad tale of a forgotten task.

As always, we try to have something for everyone;  head over to the Magazine pages to find out more.

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Welcome to the March Magazine

The March magazine is now available

Find an introduction to Bishop Colin who we’ll be seeing across the next two months – and a detailed calendar of all our services for Lent, Holy Week and Easter.

There’s welcome news of new activities that are re-starting after a winter’s lay-off as well as news from the bell tower and the PCC.

There’s a new way that we and our visitors can contribute to the survival of our church buildings too!

Download it from here!

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Ringing a different tune

Three of our young ringers at have been changing things outside the bell tower this week.

In a morning of hard graft, Angus Firth, Alfie Swinton and George Rees made an early start to the church’s Spring clean.  Storm Malik put paid to our plans to oil the external doors and so instead, they sanded floors, freed stuck doors, added hinges to the disabled access ramp, polished and oiled the gate bolts and put a shine to the eagle lectern.

They’ve done a brilliant morning of work which has left the church a good deal smarter – and earned themselves Duke of Edinburgh points into the bargain.

And then, with no prompting, they hoovered up all the dust!

(St Andrew’s church is now open to visitors on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from about 10 am till 2 pm)

This story is now in the Craven Herald online.

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The February Magazine is here!

The February magazine is here…February Pinnacle

Amid a welter of snowdrops, we have news of our search for a new vicar. Alongside, is a piece about a very present priest who has been helping us out during the vacancy – and a past vicar who oversaw a very significant and major rebuilding of one of our churches.

There’s a bare minimum of bad jokes from the editor, two separate focuses for your prayers and news of some of the things that have been happening in our parish over the past few months.

Collect your magazine from here

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