The Rainbow Children

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The Rainbow Poem

From ITV News

Ant and Dec help recite Durham mum’s ‘Rainbow Children’ poem

Ant and Dec have played a part in reciting ‘The Rainbow Children’ poem, written by a County Durham mum.

Gemma Peacock’s poem has become a social media sensation, shared all around the world.
The mum of two was inspired to write it after going for a walk with her sons and seeing the many rainbow pictures displayed in windows.

With schools closed due to the coronavirus outbreak, the rainbow has become a symbol of hope for many children across the country.

The poem describes a time ‘when the world stood still’ and when people ‘risked their lives so others could be saved’.

Staff at ITV Tyne Tees got together with their families to recite the rhyme, and Ant and Dec were delighted to be involved.

It took Gemma just an hour to put pen to paper, she said she never dreamed that it would bring so much comfort to people, at such an uncertain time:

“I was a little bit worried that I am trying to juggle my work with school work and I’m not a teacher and I was a little worried that day that my kids weren’t being given enough time, I wasn’t doing a very good job.
‘’So I took the dog for a walk and all of the way up the street there were just rainbows covering every window. It made me think about my kids, other peoples’ kids, our wonderful NHS and that’s where the last two lines of the poem came.
‘’I literally came home, grabbed a piece of paper, grabbed a pen and I wrote the last two lines down and built the poem around that. I think I put every emotion into it that I was feeling and it was finished within about an hour.”

– Gemma Peacock
Gemma Peacock spoke to ITV News Tyne Tees presenter Ian Payne

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