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Here’s the third in our series of “Thumbnails”. Each month someone is challenged to write a snippet about themselves. Something that people won’t know. It can be trivial – or it could be deep. The point is that it is your choice! (There’s no need to go baring your innermost private thoughts!)

This month, the Lancasters have stepped up to the plate:

After 26 years living in Barlick, many would say I was entitled to consider myself an honorary Barlicker and Sue, though brought up in Salterforth can rightfully claim the title. So, to many people in KCB, we will be known as the retired Vicar and his wife from Barlick. However, Sue is a Throup on her mother’s side, – no more to be said in Bradley!

It was when Stephen Hobson, Vicar of Linton, died at a young age that Sue and I decided that we should make some provision in the eventuality that I too might die in service.

It so happened that Sue owned her grandad’s barn, situated in the field known as Longherds, owned at that time by her mother. Her great grandparents lived at High Bradley, Great Aunt and Grandad lived up High Bradley Lane and her maternal Great Grandad owned the quarry in Bradley.

Over the years there has been much speculation about what the barn comprises – don’t trust Zooplah, the barn has never been sold and the description is way out! Some thought it a holiday cottage, others a small bungalow. We leave it to your imagination, but with a clue, rather than ‘barn’ it was properly described as a ‘laithe.’

Whilst we have never ‘let’ the barn, Matt and his family did stay here on their return from New Zealand, via Chile. He was married at St Mary’s and his second child was born here, so we keep the Bradley connection for another generation!

And now we are pleased to nominate Andrew Symmonds for the next issue.

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