Magazine April 2020

The April Magazine

KnittingHere’s the first stab at our new online magazine.  It contains just the same material as in the paper copy, though it is presented in a different way.  I hope this is more attractive than a simple .pdf copy of the printed version, but if you prefer that, just click the top link and ignore the rest.
Do let us know what you think.

In the current situation, a Sunday publication day is less significant.
We’ll try to get the magazine online by the 1st of the month, rather than the First Sunday.

Thus the deadline for the May edition is Thursday 23rd April
Please let us have your material at least by then (earlier will be better!)
– and we’ll try to have the magazine ready for Friday, 1st May.

The Pinnacle
The magazine in traditional “paper” format
.  Download this from the archive in the Kildwick website (which goes back to 2001!)

Julie Bacon
The Pastoral Letter
.  Julie considers “The Price of Love”, particularly in this time of stress and crisis

Julie Bacon
Kildwick, Cononley and Bradley
– one parish, three churches.  Teamwork!  Julie Bacon on setting up four teams across the parish.

Thumbs up
The Thumb Nail Chain
.  An idea to start us talking and sharing just a snippet about ourselves

A page for some otherwise uncategorised small snippets

Open BibleReadings for April – a variety of resources

The 2020 APCM
: The Bishop’s Instrument

CononleyCononley Items: A variety of short items including the WI, the Quiz, the Rededication Service – and some closures.

Praying HandsSustaining Prayer; Resources for maintaining prayer, worship and the spiritual life amidst COVID-19

Praying Hands

The Prayer Page; A selection of prayers from the C of E Resources library for the current Corona Virus outbreak

Computer DesktopNew Online Facilities; a listing of the facilities now available to keep connected with the parish of Kildwick, Cononley and Bradley

Blooming Bunny

A little delight; a small, delightful thing in a rather grim time.  A whimsy.

Passion Flower
The Passion Flower;
A floral reminder of the Easter Story

MeetingFarnhill Parish Council;  A few items from their February meeting.  This includes some discussion about the Diocese’s attempt to gain planning permission for the Vicarage.

Sudan FaceSudan. Coronavirus hits hard in a country with no resources and no health service. Doctors are unaffordable.

bellsBell News;  News, both from the tower and the MiniRingers.  This will be the last report we’ll be writing for a while!

BTO logo
The Birds in Your Garden
.  Mike Gray’s regular monthly column.  This month, looking at nests and the different habits of our garden birds.

A Free Offer!  In response to the COVID situation, the BTO is offering free membership to the Garden Bird Watch

; Some home-spun reflections on the current lock-down situation

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