Community Works

The lock-down that we’re experiencing is producing amazing stories about how communities are coming together in all sorts of ways – despite our enforced separation.

Often, that’s a local thing.  Residents on our road are “talking” together far more than we’ve ever done through the medium of WhatsApp.  We even have a community night on Wednesdays.  Last week was a quiz night.  This week, it’s Bingo!

A little more separated are a group of bellringers in this area.  A couple of Massachusetts ringers have developed some software that allows us to “ring” together.  So we do that!  We have a regular practice night…

To descend to the purely practical, I’ve just joined a group called “Print for Victory”.  We know that there’s a crying need for PPE protective equipment for those caring for us.  Scattered across the country are thousands of 3D printers.  Most secondary schools have a whole room full of them.  Owners of these have joined together and are now printing  thousands of vital face shields which are distributed locally to where they are most needed.

Kit of PartsIt takes about 75 minutes to print the main part.  It then needs an acrylic sheet to be attached – and an elastic strap round the back.  And that’s where pure chance becomes entangled with God’s wonderful planning!

A few months ago, I was tasked with ordering a fresh supply of elastic bands to hold the piles of magazines together.  I goofed and the ones I bought were far too thick.  They are a perfect length to make the headbands!

Face ShieldsI used to produce commercial reports that needed to be nicely bound.  The front of those needed a clear binding cover.  That’s exactly what the face shields need – and I have an unused box of them!

As if by magic; the whole kit of parts!  But, of course, while we don’t believe in magic, we do believe in a provident God.  Thank you, God!

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