Ticking away…

At last, the church clock is ticking away again!

The Cryer ClockA relaxation of the rules means that the clock winders are allowed access to the tower and so, after a gap of 93 days (in fact, exactly 2,222 hours) the clock is ticking again.

There’s a video of the clock on YouTube and on Facebook that records the (?)unique Kildwick chimes as it rings out the hour.  I find that the peaceful tick-tock of our ancient clock brings a quiet balm to my soul.

There’s a story that the stone lions on the gateposts of Kildwick Hall rush down to the canal to drink every time that they hear the clock strike midnight.

It is true!  Every time that they hear the bells, then off they go.  The only trouble is…
the lions are deaf; stone deaf!


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