Gifts for Kenya

Gifts for KenyaThis amazing stash of beautifully sewn items has been created by Libba from St Andrew’s. It’s ready to be sent out to Kenya, where for many years Libba has supported an orphanage in a slum area of Nairobi. Libba says:

‘At the beginning it was small but has steadily grown over the years and there is a school there too, both primary and secondary. Amazingly some children get to university but often struggle between the choice to pay for books or to eat and eventually have to give up as they can’t cope with the hunger.Some do make it through however which is just fantastic. The school is also open to children within that slum area but of course they have to pay.
It is run under the umbrella of Kenya Kids in Need and the wonderful man who runs it is called Fanuel who has the deepest laugh and chuckle I have ever known…He always says that God told him that this is something he must do.’

You’re looking at: 20 quilts; 25 beanies; 8 ear warmers; and 35 hygiene packs for girls. Check out to find out more about their fantastic and underappreciated work.

Brilliant job, Libba – well done!

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