Re-opening the KCB churches for public worship

We’re looking at re-opening – the KCB churches have always sought to be cautious regarding Coronavirus so that we are all as protected from infection as possible.

In the light of the fact that the ‘stay at home’ message is staying in place and that infection rates in this area are still relatively high, the Church Council is proposing no major change to our current arrangements for the time being, the exception being that St Mary’s church in Bradley will be open for private prayer on Sundays at 9.30am from 14th March.

14th March is Mothering Sunday.

Each church is planning a distribution of flowers – a gift from the “Mother Church”.
At St Mary’s and St John’s, these will be delivered to members of the congregation.
In Kildwick, the flowers will be in the porch; a free gift to anyone in the community who regards St Andrews’s as their spiritual home.

Our plans for Holy Week remain online.  There will be a service of Compline on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.  On Maundy Thursday there will be an online Communion service in the evening.  Some details about these are here.

Good Friday will be marked with a service of the Stations of the Cross at 2.00pm and on Holy Saturday (a day of waiting and watching), there is no service.

On Easter Day

We can at last begin to meet in person!
Provided the Government restrictions remain as they are, all three churches will be open for a service.  At 9.30am, Julie will be at St Mary’s in Bradley and at 11.00am she will preside at St Andrew’s, Kildwick while the Methodist Circuit provides the leadership at St John’s.

After Easter

We shall hope to revert to the service plan with a service every Sunday in each church.
In Bradley, that’s at 9.30;
In Cononley they meet at 11.00
At Kildwick the service flits from one time to the other.

We are taking a conservative approach but we’re delighted that we can be more positive about the future and we look forward to seeing you!
For the time being, we will still need to preserve social distancing and to wear masks during services.

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