Into every life…

… a little admin needs to fall.

This is the time when the KCB Churches need to revise their membership list – the Electoral Roll.  This is a list of all those who wish to have voting rights at any Parochial Church Meeting (particularly the annual APCM).

Any lay person can be on the Roll if he or she is:

Baptised, aged 16 or over and a member of the C of E (or a church that is “in communion with” the C of E) who either lives in the parish or regularly worships in the parish. *

To join the Electoral Roll, you need to fill in an application form
which can be obtained here.  The revision takes place between Monday 12th April and Monday, 3rd May.  If you’re later than that, it will be too late to take effect before our APCM which is in the diary for Tuesday 18th May.

None of that is the legal wording.  You are spared that unless you want to read the proper document.  Click on the image for a closer look.

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