Still working…

… at the Great Opening

As we continue to make the church buildings ready to welcome our visitors, we’re clearing away (maybe literally) tons of rubbish that has accumulated over the years.

Old Fair “Roll-a-Penny” boards, decrepit coconut shy stands, broken chairs and old doors all found their way into a skip over the weekend.

Skip loadingOne or two of the expected band weren’t able to come and help so the “extras”  who turned up were doubly valued:

  • Thank you, Richard. Without you we’d never even have started.
  • Thank you, June. You arrived at the nick of time and revived our ageing enthusiasm.
  • Thank you, Sue and your team. Mid-session coffee (and excellent flapjack!) were more than welcome. They were essential.
  • And thank you to all the rest. Including the gormless-looking one in the skip.
    (I am assured that they managed to retrieve him before the waggon came.
    The question in several minds remains… Why?)
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