April Editorial

One of the joys of an on-line magazine is that we’re not restricted to a sheet 210 x 147mm.

If you download the .pdf copy and compare it closely with the online one, you’ll see some differences!  There are places where I had to edit the copy quite significantly to make it fit onto the page, so the omline one definitely has more content.

Another joy is that, having heard that Sandra at the Cononley Shop has extended her Saturday opening hours slightly, it has been possible to change that.

Thank you to all those who have written to me.  Comments have been universally positive, but the really great thing is that there have been comments.  Any sort of feedback on the printed version come with the frequency of a solar eclipse!  It is lovely to hear back from people; to feel connected.  It makes the (fairly significant) work involved worthwhile.

For next month’s magazine, I’m going to reverse my modus operandi.  This time, I treated the paper version as the first publication – and then copied material onto the web edition.  On the assumption that the Digital Pinnacle will be the most-read version, I’ll be starting with that.  Technically, it may make the job a bit easier too.  And that can’t be a bad thing!