Conundrum Corner – September

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We have two puzzles for you this month.  There’s a “Killer Sudoku” to do (solution available immediately) and a conundrum to solve.

While many of these puzzles seem to have a bell ringing theme, none of them rely on any knowledge of bells or bell ringing – so you can tackle them without fear.  (Or no more trepidation than normal!)

A painful conundrum

We hear that Sylvia Ackroyd has fallen in her new home. (She was chasing a butterfly!)
Slips and trips can be very painful – so here is an “alphametic” (that’s a sort of Arithmetc With Numbers);


Where digits 0 – 9 replace letters consistently.

Sylvia’s wrist was very painful indeed, so we need the greatest possible value for ‘PAINFUL’.   If ‘U’ = 0 what was that?

(With acknowlegment to Angela Newing, who wrote the original puzzle.  Solution next month)

Killer “Change” Sudoku

Some of the “changes” that we ring sound particularly musical and we give them names. An obvious one is “rounds”; 12345678. Other well known ones are 13572468, 15263748, 12563478 or 12753468.**

Try playing them on a keyboard!

The clues for this Sudoku are the small numbers that equal the total of the numbers you place in the (dashed) cages. Numbers cannot repeat within cages. Standard Sudoku rules apply (each 3×3 box, every row & every column must contain the numbers 1-9). When complete the highlighted squares, read clockwise from one of the highlighted squares, will be one of the musical changes shown above. You don’t need to work out what the change is to solve the puzzle, but it will make it easier if you do.

** If you are interested, some of the named changes are as follows – but they have no impact on the puzzle.

12345678 Rounds
13572468 Queens
15263748 Tittums
12563478 Hagdyke
12753468 Whittingtons

The solution is here
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