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Two conundrums (conundra?) this month.  The first is a crossword without clues!

A Clueless Crossword

This crossword has no clues in the traditional sense. Each number printed represents one of the 26 letters of the alphabet. (They all feature!) We’ve given you three to start you off – so where there’s a “6”, you can fill in a “H”.
All 23’s become “C” – and so on.
As you identify words that appear, so you can fill in the grid.  You may need to start with an educated guess…

Solution here


Peal Totals

This month’s Conundrum is linked with bell ringing –but you don’t need any campanological knowledge to solve it! All you need to know about ringing is that bell ringers often obsessively record the details of the peals that they ring. (Each peal takes about three hours of intense concentration, so it’s not just the same as train spotting!) Just treat “peal total” as a number.

Fred’s Peals

The question may seem deceptively simple:

Fred made the following true statements;

  • If my peal total is divisible by 3, then the total is between 50 and 59.
  • If the total is NOT a multiple of 4, then it is between 60 and 69.
  • If it is NOT a multiple of 6, then it is between 70 and 79.

Will the next peal be divisible by 7?  Hint: you’ll need pencil and paper…
(Solution next month!)

Last month’s puzzle was “The Circular Walk”.   Did you fathom it?

Reminder: A person set out between 8.00 and 9.00am when the hands were exactly on top of each other. He (or she) got back between 2.00 and 3.00pm when the hands were opposite, in a straight line.

There’s no need to calculate minutes or angles: In exactly 6 hours, the minute hand will be exactly where it started and the hour hand will be exactly half way round the dial – opposite the minute hand. So the answer is exactly 6 hours!
It’s the same (but easier to visualise) if you thought about starting at midday. The hands are exactly over each other. At 6.00pm, they’ll make a straight line, up and down.

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