Rather than a straightforward diary, this page will tend more toward being a narrative of events, both planned and cancelled.  We’ll try to keep some sort of chronological order.  After all, it is called a Diary!

Well, nearly…  Revd Julie is saying Morning and Evening Prayer online.  Most people are using YouTube for this – but we’re on Facebook!  If you “do” Facebook, do join Julie at 10.00am and 4.30pm

Holy Week and Easter
Resources are gathering for the week leading up to Easter – the most significant eight days in our Christian calendar.  Julie Bacon will be leading morning and evening prayer each day (apart from Saturday where, traditionally, we remain quiet and contemplative as Our Lord rests in the tomb)

A new experience for us all will be on Maundy Thursday when we celebrate the Last Supper.  Jesus commanded us to “do this, in remembrance of me”, inaugurating our service of Holy Communion.  We will join together for a “virtual communion”.  Julie will celebrate – and she will take the bread and the wine on behalf of all those who are present online.  There are links to this service – as well as the similar one on Easter Sunday and all of the daily services – on the “Holy Week Services” page.

29th March
Publication date for the April Pinnacle.  Here’s one thing that wasn’t cancelled!
We only printed 50 paper copies – and most of them were posted out to those we know who have no Internet access.  A few copies are in St Andrew’s church porch.  If you want one, then contact us using the form here with your details.

Far better than that, you can see it all online here! (After all, if you are reading this, you don’t need to use dead trees!!)
So far all comments have been very positive – so give it a try…

5th April
Palm Sunday – and a service of rededication and recommissioning for St John’s, Cononley. For now, that’s not going to be possible. But we will be rearranging this as soon as we can, and look forward to the time when once again we can gather joyfully in person to praise God and celebrate his goodness.  Instead, see some pictures of the refurbished church here

26th April
The parish Annual Meeting won’t take place just yet.  In some ways, since our last “APCM” has only recently taken place, following the forming of the new single parish, we can probably cope with another late one!

8th, 9th, 10th May
The VE Day Bank Holiday would have been a time for various jollities in all three of our churches.  It is not likely that restrictions will have been lifted – but who knows?

10th, 11th, 12th July
St Andrew Kildwick’s Flower Festival.  The situation here is  difficult.  Without sponsorship we cannot go ahead with the festival but even if the restrictions are lifted, the businesses that we had intended approaching to sponsor this will probably be struggling to keep afloat and it would be very insensitive to approach them at this time.

Maybe we’ll be able to try again later in the year.  Perhaps a Christmas Tree Festival?!