Flapjack Friday

Flapjack Friday happens on a Friday…
just because it sounds better than Wagon Wheel Wednesday.

It’s a chance, now that you have dropped off the little horrors your nearest and dearest
at school, to have a little relax and a chat with like-minded souls.  We can’t (yet!) offer deep, comfy chairs, or even a warm cosy den but you will be welcomed with great warmth!  Flapjack sessions made a very welcome return in the autumn term in 2021.

The dark mornings of Greenwich Mean Time and the notoriously cold church mean that it is not reasonable for the organisers to set out in time to set this up through the winter, so (sadly) Fridays will now remain flapjack-less until the brighter mornings of springtime arrive.

There’s no need to book in – or to do anything beyond just turning up when you see the board outside the church door.

It is run by Sue and Sylvia.  If you want to get in touch (they would love offers of help!),
contact them hereThis is a general enquiry form, so to be sure your query goes to the right place, make sure you mention Flapjack Friday!

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