Gardening and churchyard

There are always opportunities for the green-fingered in our extensive churchyard.

The “main” flowerbed along the side of the church got very overgrown and a professional gardener has taken this in hand – at least for the time being.  There are all manner of other areas that benefit from a little tender loving care.  The area around the War Memorial is one that springs to mind – and while you are there, you’ll discover one of our lesser-seen Listed Monuments – the stocks.  One of the joys is that you can almost certainly find a little plot of a size to suit your energy!

There are are also opportunities for others… In the autumn, we pay the price for our delightfully tree-shaded churchyard as they suddenly dump huge quantities of leaves which need collecting (we’ve got a big blower!) before they turn into slippery mulch all over the car park.  The school path often becomes muddy too…

We are embarking on a full survey of the churchyard under the guidance of a group called “Caring for God’s Acre” to discover a bit more about the rich habitat that abounds in this area that has never seen a plough or artificial fertilisers.

Geraldine has oversight of the gardening team – and Chris is the person currently working with Caring for God’s Acre.  Contact either of them here – but remember that this is a general contact form, so be clear who you are wanting to speak with!

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