Grains of sand

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My Facebook page has been getting comments; “Chris, you’re a hero!”
I’m not, of course – but it’s a nice thought!

A face shield headband

100th off the print block!

What I have been doing is printing face shields for health workers.  I’ve got one of these 3D printer things and, for the past couple of weeks, I’ve been churning out headbands to hold plastic sheets to make face shields for health care workers.

I can make around 16 or 17 a day.  In the face of today’s extraordinary situation, they are but single grains of sand on the beach.

These shields are collected by a group, based in Skipton and Cross Hills.  Between us, we are making, perhaps, 200 a day.  In the last two weeks, they have distributed around 3,500 face shields.  They’ve gone to hospitals and care homes, to care workers and community nurses.  They have been lapped up by workers at a food factory for whom social distancing is not an option and delivered to a home for adults with severe learning disabilities.

Our small group is gathering these grains together and, together, we are building at least a small sand castle.

Of course the Skipton group is not alone.  I know of a similar group in Keighley and another in Bradford.  My grandson’s school in Pontypridd has a room full of 3D printers and they are supplying their local area.  3D printers are no longer the rare niche toys of just a year or so ago.  I guess that just about every town has a team doing just the same.  As a member of another, national initiative, I have just despatched 20 to a care home in Folkestone.

Each group, one sand castle.  Together, we have enough for a whole beach!
No.  I’m not a hero – but there is great joy in knowing that I am just a small part of a very large group that, together, might just aspire to the accolade, “heroic”.

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