Welcome to the Parish of Kildwick, Cononley and Bradley

The parish (called “KCB” by its friends) was created in 2019 by the joining of the two parishes of Kildwick and Cononley with Bradley.

This site (and our companion Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/KCBParish ) portray some of the life in and around the parish, much though ordinary life has been disrupted during these extraordinary Covid times.

Thanks to those who have sent in photographs.  Ruby Sedgwick’s lovely picture of a Cononley bench features as one of our collection of header pictures on this site.  A picture of Bradley has also taken its place (thank you John Lancaster!) If you have a picture that can be made long and thin, do let us know…  Use the contact form here to let us know.

Come here for information and resources.  As we emerge from the challenging days of Covid, we are again gathering for worship every week.  Our current pattern of services can be found here.  There are normally two Anglican services of Holy Communion each Sunday.  St John’s church is a partnership with the Methodist church – and the Methodist circuit is reponsible for the first Sunday in the month.  Each church holds one non-eucharistic service, led by a Reader or a lay ministry team.

All of thiese arrangements may change as we settle into a new post-Covid life – and begin to change and grow with the Revd Mike Green, our new vicar.

For many people, change is upsetting and disorientating, and fear and sadness are normal reactions. But we hope that our website will help to keep you informed and encouraged as we all adjust to a new life together.