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Kildwick and Farnhill Village Institute looks forward to 2021

Like all village halls in the area, Kildwick and Farnhill Village Institute has been closed for several months due to the lockdown resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. But the committee that runs the building has nevertheless been looking forward to 2021, and this month sees the launch of the Institute’s 2021 Kildwick and Farnhill Village calendar.

A spokesperson for the Institute committee said: “For a number of years now the Institute has produced an annual calendar, showing photographs of the two villages, taken by local amateur photographers. Although this year lockdown has made it difficult for some people to get out and about, we thought it was important that we continue the tradition, to show our optimism that 2021 will see things improve.”

“We hope that the 2021 calendar will be as successful as the one we produced for 2020, which was a sell-out. However that is unlikely as we will have fewer, if any, events taking place at which we can sell them. Any profit we do make will go to funding the Kildwick and Farnhill Village Institute which, as you might imagine, has suffered financially as a result of being closed during the Coronavirus pandemic. So any purchases people are able to make will be very much appreciated.”

The calendar is available, by email to, or from any of the Institute committee members; cost £6.50 each. The calendar is suitable for large-letter postage, and is supplied with an envelope.

If people would like to submit photographs for possible inclusion in the 2022 calendar, the competition is already open. Landscape images of Farnhill or Kildwick should be sent to You do not need to be a resident of the villages to participate and the full competition rules are available on the Kildwick and Farnhill Village Institute website.

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