Life Events

There are three major events in most lives that are associated with “church”.

  • As a child, you may be officially “named” at a Christening (or “Baptism“).
  • As an adult, you may legally become one with another in marriage.
  • … and finally, it is time to say farewell to family, friends and colleagues at a funeral.

Arrangements for weddings and baptisms are normally made directly with the vicar.  To make this simpler for you, there are forms here for you to complete – which will automatically arrive in the right place!  These forms apply whether your preference is for St John’s church in Cononley, St Mary’s, Bradley or St Andrew’s church in Kildwick.

If you live in the parish of Kildwick, Cononley and Bradley, but have decided to get married in a church in another parish,
you will need to have your Banns read with us.

Where do I live?

You sometimes need to know exactly which parish you live in!  Ecclesiastical (church) parishes are very often different from local couincil ones.  To see a definitive church parish map, visit A Church Near You website.  Type in your postcode and click the address found. This will show a map of your parish – and the option to find out more.
If you live in the villages of Kildwick, Farnhill, Cononley, Bradley or in large parts of Cross Hills, then you all belong to the single parish of “KCB”.