Magazine June 2020

The June Magazine

A slightly slimmer edition than usual this month.  Do, please, keep thinking about what you can contribute to your own magazine.

Last time I started with the online version then compiled it all into the paper copy.  That was a mistake!  It’s much easier to go from the finished (and proofread!) booklet and to get it online later.

In the current situation, a Sunday publication day is less significant.
We’ll try to get the magazine online by the 1st of the month, rather than the First Sunday.

The 1st July is a Wednesday, so the deadline for that edition is Wednesday 24th June
Please let us have your material at least by then (though it is always good to have at least some of it sooner!)
– and we’ll try to have the magazine ready for Wednesday, 1st July – though we may get there early … maybe!

The Pinnacle
The magazine in traditional “paper” format
. Download this from the archive in the Kildwick website (which goes back to 2001!)

A Letter
. Some reflections from Chris on the “Clapping for the NHS” – and what that might mean for all of us.

ST AndrewMoving Again.  The group that’s looking at the future of St Andrew’s has met – and there are plans for moving forward.

Thumbs upThe Thumb Nail Chain.  The “Thumbnail Challenge moves to Bradley this month…

Crossword Grid
The Puzzle Page
. One crossword and a small clock puzzle for you.

ShortsShorts. A page for some otherwise uncategorised small snippets (mainly notice of streamed services)

Open BibleReadings for June – a variety of resources available

Praying Hands
The Prayer Page
. A selection of prayers chosen by Christine Anderton

Rainbow The Rainbow Children.  A poem by a Durham Mum has gone viral on social media.

Jigsaw. Two items from our link partners in the Philippines

Ahmed Ibrahim Sudan Link Calendar.  This month’s picture from the Sudan Link Calendar features Ahmed Ibrahim, and Evangelist in Khartoum.

BTO logo
The Birds in Your Garden
. Mike Gray’s regular monthly column. This month, listening to birdsong.