Magazine May 2020

The May Magazine

Forbears cartoonOur new online magazine seemed to go down well last month. Now we need to keep up the standard!

This time around, I’ve started with this online version.  I’ll compile it all into the paper copy when this is done.  Because not only are we doing this online, but ALSO the few copies we print will be processed at home, this month’s edition breaks new ground; we’re into full colour!
Do let us know what you think.

Finished – a bit later than I’d hoped.  The online paper version will be on the Kildwick website soon.  If the link below doesn’t work, please come back again soon.  Keep visiting!

In the current situation, a Sunday publication day is less significant.
We’ll try to get the magazine online by the 1st of the month, rather than the First Sunday.

The 1st June is a Monday, so the deadline for that edition is Monday 25th May
Please let us have your material at least by then (earlier will be better!)
– and we’ll try to have the magazine ready for Monday, 1st June – though we may get there early … maybe!

The Pinnacle
The magazine in traditional “paper” format
. Download this from the archive in the Kildwick website (which goes back to 2001!)

Julie Bacon
The Pastoral Letter
. Julie considers Life after Lockdown, as we begin to yearn for the easing of current restrictions.

Maundy Money
The Royal Maundy
. A very special honour for one of our parish

Thumbs upThe Thumb Nail Chain. An idea to start us talking and sharing just a snippet about ourselves

. A page for some otherwise uncategorised small snippets

Computer Desktop
What on earth is Zoom
? Conferencing software is all the rage at the moment.  What is it?

Open BibleReadings for May – a variety of resources

Jigsaw. Two items from our link partners in the Philippines

CHUFFS. News from Church for the Under Fives (maybe photos later!)

bellsLockdown Bellringing.  What those ringers get up to when they aren’t allowed out to play.

Praying Hands
The Prayer Page
. A selection of prayers chosen by Christine Anderton

Open BibleBook Review. The Day the Revolution Started by Tom Wright

. A thought-provoking poem from the forest

Bible Search
.  A little challenge to find some books…

Farnhill Village
. A last opportunity to enter the 2021 Calendar Competition

Grains of sand
.  One way to keep occupied during our lock-down

Crossword Grid

The Puzzle Page.  Two sudoku and one crossword for you

BTO logo
The Birds in Your Garden
. Mike Gray’s regular monthly column. This month, looking at the problems with cats – or not.