Magazine May 2022

The May edition of The Pinnacle
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In the grand scheme of things, it’s a very minor matter -but it means a lot to me, as well as a number of folk who live near St Andrew’s…

The church clock loses about two minutes a week. For reasons too boring to go into here, we can’t correct that. It used to be my task to nudge it on a bit each week – but now the clock winders have taken this under their wing – and, week after week, we hear the clock chime, pretty well on time.

Thank you to the clock winding team! It’s another of those tasks that goes on, quietly in the background with no fanfare and (often) few thanks either.  Thank you!

This month’s magazine carries, first of all, a welcome to our new vicar, Mike Green – but it also tells of the unstinting background work of our church by others who, like the clock winders do small, unnoticed but vital work for our various church buildings.

If you are involved in activities, please remember to tell us about them!  All the little individual puzzle pieces may seem to be insignificant – but they are vital parts of the whole jigsaw that is the KCB Parish!