Magazine November 2021

The November magazine is ready for you to read!
You can download it here.

The paper copies will be posted out later today, along with Jill’s letter (that many think is the best bit, anyway!)

We try to keep costs down – and do our bit to avoid wasting resources by publishing almost entirely online. However, if you want a paper copy, you can always ask for one. For those who have an Internet connection, though, we would be grateful for a contribution to cover the costs of delivering a physical copy. That amounts to around £1.50 each month for the 10 copies we do each year. Contact us here.

This month, we are all red! Both the cover and the Prayer Page feature the “PoppyFall” that decorated St Andrew’s for the 100th anniversary of the Armistice in 2018.

This month’s “vicartorial” comes from the pen of John Lancaster – and there’s news of a new vicarage, stories from Cononley and, of course, some Editorial Burble! You know how to limit that… Write something yourself!

If you want to print a paper copy, you may find this version helpful, set in “printer’s pairs” so that the pages work…