Magazine October 2020

The October magazine is out, good and early!

We need to publish in good time this month…

Looking at the statistics for the magazine over the past three months, it is clear that very few people are choosing to read the content here, online.  Verbal comments suggest that the downloadable copy is being well received (though I don’t have figures for that).

Producing, in effect, two separate editions of the magazine each month is a significant task, so I am trialling an easier option this month.

The whole magazine can be downloaded here:

One of the popular pages in the magazine is the calendar of services.
This listing is available here.

If there are other parts of the magazine that you would like to see online, then please let us know.  I don’t want to remove anything unnecessarily – but it seems to be poor stewardship to spend several hours, working on pages that (in some cases) attract no readers at all.

With best wishes
Chris – Editor

Stop Press!

Too late for the printed copy of the magazine, we heard from Sue Hargreaves that the latest collection for Jigsaw raised an absolutely magnificent £546.25 (including Gift Aid)

Sue is hugely grateful to all who contributed – as will be those on the streets of Manila who benefit from such generosity.
Thank you!