Magazine September 2020

The September Magazine

We’ve gone for the “Autumnal Look” for this month’s magazine.  Another nice photo from Theresa Clarke’s camera.  (She’s one of the stalwart Kildwick ringers.)

We need more!  If you have any photos of the Pinnacle (particularly wintry ones!), I’d love to feature it on the front cover.  Eventually, it would be good to have a set of seasonal photos for each edition through the year.

Get the cameras out!  Or, perhaps more realistically, look through your stock of photos and see what you can find.


Circumstances mean that we can’t publish the next edition on October 1st.  Rather than appearing laggardly and publishing very late, we’ll set 24th September as the publish day.  It would be a help if you can get your material in by Friday 18th September, please.

The magazine in traditional “paper” format.
(Temporarily stored on this site)
Download this from the archive in the Kildwick website

Julie Bacon A Pastoral Letter.
Vicar Julie writes about the gifts of Creation at a time when a number of Anglican churches mark the season of Creation.

Julie BaconAn update on the Interim Ministry in the KCB Parish.
Revd Julie reflects on where the three churches have moved in her 3-year term – and looks ahead to what the future may bring.

The pattern of services for September
As we begin to settle down into a “COVID-aware” pattern of services, we are thinking about how best to arrange the various needs of the three churches.

A re-introduction to the idea of creating four Teams to look after different aspects of the work and ministry of our churches.

Open BibleReadings for September
Readings and collects for those who worship at home.

Praying HandsThe Prayer Page
Selected prayers for a worrying time.

Thumbs upThe Thumbnail Chain
This month we hear some of Alan Ratledge’s story.
Next month, we have another mystery guest lined up!

Dave Walker Cartoon

The Conundrum Corner
Tales of a broken wrist -and a “Killer Sudoku”
(There’s a slight bell ringing theme here – but no ringing knowledge needed!)

Kildwick and Farnhill Institute
Looks forward to 2021 with their new calendar

Some disturbing news from our mission partners at Jigsaw in Manila
… and a plea for some help.

ShortsTwo short articles from Cononley
– The Cononley Singers and the Cononley Art Group

The Sudan Link picture calendar
The September picture is a study of a workman’s hands.
The hard-worn hands speak of poverty.

BTO logoThe Birds in Your Garden
This month Mike Gray looks at the migration of Cuckoos