Magazine Summer 2020

The Summer Magazine

Front CoverFor the joint July/August edition, we welcome back the Pastoral Letter.  No one would pretend that my burblings are a substitute.
It is also great to see two significant new photos.  The one on the front of the paper copy is, appropriately, of the Pinnacle and was sent in by Theresa Clarke – a bell ringer.  The background to the Prayer Page is a view over Bradley and comes from the camera of John Lancaster.  A narrow strip also graces the top of several pages on this website.  Thank you to both of you.  Can anyone else add any pictures?  I’ll probably stay with the Pinnacle for the front – so lots of different ones (for the different seasons?) would be great.

We take a bit of a break over the summer so the next scheduled edition is due on the first of September.  Who knows what the situation will be by then!
The deadline for this is Monday 24th August
Please let us have your material at least by then (earlier is better!)
We’ll try to have the magazine ready for Tuesday, 1st September

CoverThe magazine in traditional “paper” format.
Download this from the archive in the Kildwick website
(which goes back to 2001!)

Julie Bacon A Pastoral Letter. Julie reflects on “A Whole New World” and asks what are the things that we’ve missed that we can retrieve – and what changes we have enjoyed, and want to hold on to.

The Church Clock Opening Up.  The restarting of Kildwick’s ancient clock is a small sybbol of the re-opening of our churches and a very tentative first few steps along the road to recovery.

Open Bible The Lectionary.  The readings and the traditional language collect for the Sundays in July and August.

Praying Hands
The Prayer Page. A selection of prayers chosen by Christine Anderton

Thumbs up The Thumb Nail Chain. Still in Bradley, the “Thumbnail Challenge” focuses on Andrew Symonds…

Crossword GridThe Puzzle Page (and Conundrum Corner). A crossword with no clues and a  puzzle involving numbers for you.

ShortsShorts. A page for some otherwise uncategorised small snippets.  Includes some birthday wishes…

PCC Report.  A short report of an online (Zoom) meeting of the PCC

Computer DesktopTales of Zoom and WhatApp.  A glimpse into the lockdown activities of the Cononley Singers and the Art Group

 Sudan Link Calendar. This month’s picture from the Sudan Link Calendar features The Archbishop of Sudan, our old friend, Ezekiel Kondo.

BTO logo
The Birds in Your Garden. Mike Gray’s regular monthly column. This month
we focus on starlings.