Older Magazines

We don’t make a point of storing old magazines on the parish website – but there is an archive available that includes all editions from July 2016.

The two parishes (of St Andrew, Kildwick  and St John’s and St Mary’s in Cononley and Bradley) produced their own magazines.  In April, 2018, these were amalgamated into one publication, called “The Pinnacle”.  This was so named because Farnhill Pinnacle stands in Bradley’s area of the new parish.  It looks across the valley towards Cononley village – and is named after a part of Kildwick’s community.

Copies of older editions of St Andrew’s magazine, “The Bridge”, may still be available.  Churchwardens will have compiled a library of paper copies and a digital collection was kept on the old Kildwick website.  The owner of that site, Peter Ford, may still be able to grant access to that on request.

Some more recent back issues of the Pinnacle are available on this site.  See the drop-down menu to access these.  If you require access to older editions, contact the webkeeper.