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Farnhill Institute had a lot of late photo entries for the Calendar competition – a surprising number showing the church clock.
… And all of them showed the same time!

The Cryer ClockThe church clock was stopped at the end of March. We were no longer allowed into the building to wind the clock and if the (enormous) weights were allowed to reach the ground, there is a chance that they’d topple over. Even if that didn’t damage the casing, they may become very difficult to lift again.

On 24th June, almost exactly 2,222 hours later – we were allowed back into the building and the clock, already wound and ready, was set going. The Kildwick chimes were heard again.

Some reaction was almost immediate: “I walked outside and heard them. Now I know how much I missed the clock.” “Now I can tell the time at night without opening my eyes!” “Good! A part of Kildwick is back again.”

All three churches in the parish are actively working out ways of opening their buildings safely. The first possible opening day will be on Sunday 12th July. Exact arrangements will be published but St Mary’s in Bradley may be in the morning; St John’s in Cononley will depend on when the builders can “sign off” their renovations while St Andrew’s hopes to open for a couple of hours in the afternoon. The buildings will be open for private prayer – there will be limited access as we try to keep you safe.

Plans for restarting Sunday services are a little way down the road. It sounds as though permission to do this is now being granted but we will not be rushing towards exposing any of our church family to unnecessary risk. We are beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel but we’re taking things very cautiously.

Click on this link to see a video of the ancient Cryer clock at Kildwick (it was first set going on 24th August 1867, 153 years ago.

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