Passion Flower

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So many things about this flower remind us of the Easter story.

The Passion FlowerThe flower really comes from the hot countries of South America where it grows wild. The sort that grows in this country is smaller. It is a climbing plant.

This type has ten petals – creamy with a very slight green tinge. The flower is about 5-6 cms across. This represents the halo, or the glory of Christ.

The coloured threads inside the flower represent the crown of thorns, the white tint represents the purity of Christ and the pale blue represents Heaven.

The tall column in the centre of the flower is the seed box or ovary and represents the pillar of the Cross.

There are five stamens which represent the soldiers’ hammers. The five antlers at the top of the stamens are the five wounds of Christ.

The three styles at the top of the seed box represent the nails with which Christ was nailed to the Cross.

The rather pointed leaves remind us of the soldiers’ spears.

The tendrils with which the plant climbs remind us of the whips with which Jesus was beaten.

The flower blooms for only three days and these represent the three years that Jesus had to do his work here on earth.

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