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Well, no-one can say the PCC is shirking its duty or lacking in the spirit of adventure! We held our first proper meeting on June 16th and it was pretty successful. Julie very wisely limited the Agenda to necessary business and one major item for discussion – if you’ve zoomed or jitsied, you’ll know it’s quite tiring!

Approving the Minutes of the last, pre-lockdown, meeting felt very odd. It was a long time ago!! We finally managed to approve the 2019 accounts and were very glad to hear that we don’t need to worry about Annual meetings just yet.

Churchwardens Robert Hall and Joan McCartney have graciously agreed to continue in office, and for that we are very grateful.

You’ll perhaps remember that we held a parish meeting in Bradley to introduce the idea of working groups for the various areas of the parish. This will still happen but maybe not yet! We were concerned to help parishioners feel connected and included in the work of being church in our communities. We have the email lists and the Pinnacle; we’re also producing a regular Newsletter which Julie is collating. She’ll really welcome your contributions!

We still have concerns about the Kildwick Vicarage and conversations with the Diocesan Property Committee continue. We began the process of updating the Safeguarding Policy for the parish and we dealt with one or two financial matters.

Our main subject for discussion was timely. The Agenda item was about how we get back into our churches, and on the same day the Government announced that churches could be opened for private prayer from July 4th. This is not as easy as it sounds! We agreed who would undertake the necessary Risk Assessments for each building and the necessary human and material resources we needed to maintain Covid security.

Bishop Nick has said that we have been given permission to open in this way, but we are not compelled.
We were very sure that we are not yet ready to open for worship: we await further guidance both from the Diocese and the national church about how that may happen.

We agreed that St Mary’s would prepare to open for an hour from 9.30 on Sunday 12th July and St Andrew’s would open during the afternoon of the same day. There are still issues with St John’s; they are keen to open but still have the last of the re-ordering to sign off.     Watch this space!

The experience of an online PCC can’t have been that bad – we agreed the date of the next meeting as July 14th (should it be needed!).

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