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No matter how much you push the envelope, it’ll still be stationery.

People are so ready to get back to life forgetting that in 1918 the second wave of the Spanish Flu reportedly killed 20-50 million.
The first wave only killed 3-5 million. History does indeed repeat.

What is normal?

Online services

Julie is streaming a regular service most days from her home. This is available on Facebook <>.
Other services are available. Bradford Cathedral <> does a service at least every Sunday – and probably more often.
You may like to search <> for other churches that stream services.


Everyone is applauding everyone but our children.

These little heroes have stayed indoors more than they’ve ever known in their lives. Their whole world has been turned upside down, filled with rules they’ve never known. A life they couldn’t have imagined just a few weeks ago.

All the things they love, like sports, being with friends, going to school, or just being kids have all been taken away from them. They listen to adults talking about others becoming unwell and hear news reporting death after death. Our children’s minds must be racing .. Every day they get up and carry on despite all that’s going on. So here’s to our young heroes: today, tomorrow, forever.

Quite heavily adapted from a posting on Facebook.
The original was unbearably “twee” – but the sentiment is right…

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