A Pair of Shorts

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On this page, we’ll put one or two short pieces that don’t fit elsewhere.


Many people are used to putting their offerings on a plate in church.

With no church, there’s no plate and with no plate, there’s no offering!

If this is the way you normally contribute to the ongoing costs of your church, could you consider using other methods?

Online by BACS or cheque all work!  Contact us if you want more details

Out of the Woodwork

As more and more people are spending more and more time at their computers, smartphones and tablets, we’re hearing more and more warnings of the sort:
“Beware opening mails from XXX” or Don’t allow YYY to become friends”.

All of these warnings are almost certainly hoaxes!

Please never pass them on unless you know they are genuine.

Find that out by going to the Snopes website  which is the premier Hoax Buster website – and search for the key words.

If you don’t know it is genuine, then don’t pass it on till you have checked!

Support your “Local”!

In these difficult times, it’s hard to know where best to get your essentials.
Please remember your “local”.

Among others:

Cononley Village Shop is open 7.30am-7.00pm (closed 2.00-3.00)
On Sunday it’s open 9.00am-12.00noon.  (This is an update on previous opening times)
Sandra is doing a fantastic job of keeping supplies in and all delivery slots are available! Email her: cononleycoronahelp@gmail.com

The Coop in Cross Hills is trading, as is the village Convenience Store (was Spar).

Drake and Macefield are open and will deliver both Veg and Meat Boxes. The veg boxes are by arrangement with Class 1 from Skipton.  We have good reports!
Phone 01282 844468 (Mon -Fri 2pm-5pm only) or see them on Facebook.

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