Support us

We need your support!

Maintaining three buildings of such different characters is a constant task
– and joy
– and (yes!) headache.

Our small parish are responsible for the maintenance of an enormous, ancient and hugely significant Grade 1 listed building at Kildwick, a beautiful 19th century village church in Cononley and a converted Wesleyan chapel in Bradley
– but there is no Magic Money Tree to help us.

  • The priority for the Church of England is (quite rightly) people and not buildings.
  • There are no Government coffers, brimming with money.
  • Grant-aiding bodies are also concerned about “people outcomes” and not buildings.

The maintenance of our churches depend on those who value them!

  • The small congregations
  • The communities of Kildwick, Farnhill, Cross Hills, Cononley and Bradley
  • Our visitors

If you can give a little, please visit our donation pages.
(St Mary’s does not yet have a dedicated donation page)

For St Andrew’s, Kildwick click here (or scan this code)

For St John’s, Cononley click here
(or scan this code)

You might prefer to donate by text.

Text the word FABRIC to 70470 to donate £10 to St Andrew’s
Text the word FABRIC to 70480 to donate £10 to St John’s

In both cases, adding an amount to your keyword (eg “FABRIC 15”) will donate that sum to your selected church.  Any amount from £1.00 to £20.00 is valid.