Kildwick, Cononley and Bradley – one parish, three churches.

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The PCC has been thinking about how we can best do the things that churches do, as a single parish with three churches. We want to shine with the light of Christ in each of our communities and also look for ways to support and encourage each other. To do this, we’re going to set up four Teams.

In many traditional church models, PCC members end up as the people who ‘do’ most of the activities that sustain church life. By setting up Teams, we hope to encourage a much wider spread of involvement. Linked and accountable to the PCC, each Team will have many more people than belong to the PCC. Ideally, it would be great to see everyone in our churches belonging (in however small a way) to one or another Team. And you don’t have to be a churchgoer to belong! If you value your local church, there’s a Team that would welcome your help.

The four Teams are:

  • Buildings and Land
  • Pastoral and Outreach
  • Worship
  • Treasury

These four Teams are supported by the churchwardens and vicar whose role is to oversee the parish, encourage co-operation and foster relationships between the churches. Together, the Teams encompass the broad span of activities that constitute regular church life.

Each Team has its own terms of reference, outlining its sphere of activity and how it works. The hope is that each of the three churches will have at least one person on each Team, and there’s provision for occasional meetings between one or more Team members from each church, for the purposes of support, encouragement and swapping of ideas and good practice.

Of course, we know that the numbers at each church differ, and not every church is able to do everything. The idea of the Team structure is not to create additional burdens for anyone, or to generate more unnecessary meetings! Instead, it’s a way of organising what we already do, hopefully in a more connected way than we’ve done it in the past. It’s also a way of encouraging a greater number of people to get involved, rather than looking to a small number of people to carry the whole weight of all that is needed to sustain church life.

When we’re able once again to start meeting and worshipping physically together, look out for copies of the Teams’ terms of reference. And please think and pray about whether you can join a Team, and which one. You don’t have to do it all! But the Church is all of us – and we are all called to play a part, big or small, as part of the Church, the body of Christ. Joining a Team is a good way to do that.

Julie Bacon

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