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At a time when we can’t meet and can’t swap anecdotes and news, we can share a little bit of ourselves with others.

Just as Desert Island Discs gives the opportunity for a person to speak in a controlled way about their lives, I would like to invite you to let us see a small snapshot from your life. It may be something of which you are proud – it could be a favourite anecdote – or a joke at your own expense.

…and here’s the fun bit! If you do that, you have the privilege of inviting someone else to follow with their own story! (There’s a way to win friends and influence people!) It doesn’t need to be long; just a snippet; a thumbnail.
I’ll start:

School Reports

I was at school when we all got individual written reports from each teacher.
I have two that I treasure. The first was written when I was about ten:

Cricket – Wright Minor

He takes as little interest in the game as possible and is a perfect pest on the games field.
A very poor player

The second was written a lot later in the 1970’s after I had been teaching for a few years.
It was written by one of my pupils (also aged about ten).
The class was tasked with writing school reports on their teachers.

Science – Wright C.J.

An absolutely brilliant teacher!  (No, sorry. I made that one up. Start again…)

A keen and enthusiastic teacher. He is always starting interesting new projects but sadly few of them ever get finished.

I am reliably told by the one who knows me best that this report is just as relevant today as it was, back in 1975.  And so, for the next instalment, I nominate…

Jill Wright

Please feel free to join in with this “game”. You don’t have to wait to be nominated! Neither should you feel exposed. You can choose whatever glimpse of you, or your life, you feel comfortable to share. Send it on paper, email, carrier pigeon or however you like. And don’t forget to nominate at least one other! (It’ll be your job to let them know…)

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