Thumbnail Chain #2

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Being married to the editor of the parish magazine has at least one disadvantage!  Last month, if you remember, he wrote a piece entitled “The Thumbnail Chain”.  The idea was that people might be interested in a short article with two or three interesting but little-known facts about the author.  He wrote a bit about himself and seized the opportunity to extend it to a series of articles.  Now … who to pick on next?  Ah yes – the wife is sitting next to me:  I’ll challenge her!  Huh!  Anyway, here goes.

Chris and I met when we were both based at S. Martin’s College in Lancaster.  Chris was a couple of years ahead of me and very involved in all things “outdoor pursuitish” – mainly kayaking and climbing.  Given that I get dizzy on a thick pile carpet, kayaking (it was called canoeing then) was the way in.  He wanted someone to do the driving for him at a white water race on the River Leven in the Lake District – and that’s what prompted our first date.  What he didn’t bargain for was that although I had passed my driving test, I’d never seen the bonkers gear stick in a Renault 4 and I refused to drive the car!

I was never anything like as good on (or in!) the water as Chris, but that didn’t put him off – to the extent that we took canoes on our honeymoon up to the Cairngorms (well hidden before we set off so we didn’t get confetti in them!).

Oh – and one other thing about me:  I was at school with the fabulous Maureen Lipman  She was three or four years ahead of me– and she was obviously destined for a glittering career even then!  Reflected glory or what?!?

Now, who can I pick  … what about the Lancasters?

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