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Our fourth “Thumbnail” comes from the pen of Andrew Symonds.

Each month someone is challenged to write a snippet about themselves. Something that people won’t know. It can be trivial – or it could be deep. The point is that it is your choice! (There’s no need to go baring your innermost private thoughts!)

I have lived in the parish for just over 30 years, starting in Cononley, where I lived when first married and then moving to Bradley where we have brought up two now very grown up children, Toby and Katie, in a spot down by the canal.
My journey of faith started in Coventry where I was born and grew up in a family where church was central to our lives. My family church remains the oldest complete building in Coventry, surviving the blitz thanks to its position on the outskirts of the city.
My move north began in Oxford where I met Richmal, my wife, who was Yorkshire born and bred. Like many in my profession, teacher marries teacher and whilst she has remained at Cowling Primary School, I have moved between Lancashire and Yorkshire ending up back where I began as Headteacher of a large Church of England Primary School in Harrogate called Richard Taylor.
The life of a Primary School headteacher is as varied and stressful as you can imagine and I now have the pleasure of working with parents who I taught at the start of my career. The chance to work with children every day sharing in their achievements and being able to support them as they grow is a joy and a privilege which makes the paperwork, assessments and inspections just about bearable.
Christian Aid, for whom I coordinate collections in the village and Fairtrade are two of my private passions and small steps of action as a pilgrim on the road.
St Mary’s is a small community which I have been very proud to be part of and which I hope will continue to bear witness to our shared faith into the future.
Andrew Symonds

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