Welcome to St Andrew’s

Whether you are quite new to this area or have just relocated from somewhere local, we hope that the information here will be of use to you.

There has been a church at Kildwick for over a thousand years, sited beside one of the main points where the River Aire can conveniently be crossed.

The present church was built by the monks of Eastby Abbey – which later moved to its new site at Bolton Abbey.  They built the church, they will have built a hostelry and they built the bridge which is still in use.
(It is the northern side of the current stone bridge. Go down and look underneath…)

In these difficult times, our ancient church building is locked for much of the time, but if you would like to look around, drop us an email or call and someone will be happy to show you some of our history.

The churchyard, with its stone record of lives of centuries past and the rich wildlife of a rare undisturbed piece of land is of course, open all year round.

Get involved!

There are a number of activities at St Andrew’s – though many of them have fallen foul of the Covid restrictions.  We hope that most, if not all of them will restart as soon as we are able:

  • Chuffs (Church for the Under Fives) This is an active group of (mainly) Mums with their pre-school children who meet in the Parish Rooms on Tuesdays. Many of the Chuffs Family have kept in touch through the various lockdowns and would welcome all under fives with their carers.
  • Flapjack Friday A popular drop-in on the way back from taking children in to school. Enjoy a flapjack (or perhaps something less calorific!) and a cup of coffee in good company. No need to book in – just turn up!
  • Bell Ringing Happens on Thursday evenings and Sunday mornings. MiniRingers is a school club for Yr 4 and above.  See kildwickringers.org.uk for more…
  • NotTheKnot Group A fairly informal group who get together on a Wednesday morning in the Parish Rooms where all manner of creative activities take place. Far more than just knitting! You’ll be introduced to a wide varieties of skills and ideas.
  • Gardeners There are opportunities for the green-fingered and also for others! In autumn, our tree-filled churchyard produce mounds of leaves – and our labyrinth likes a bit of strimming.
    There’s more: we’re hoping to do a proper survey of the habitat of this ancient, undisturbed area – lots to do there!
  • Tea and Scones Tea and scones have been a popular feature of summer Sunday afternoons. They attract people from a wide area, raise some welcome funds but,
    just as importantly, they are good fun for the helpers too!
  • Other events Traditionally, there have been a number of other events through the year. A Summer Fair, organised jointly with the Kildwick and Farnhill Institute and the School has been popular as has been the autumn St Andrew’s Fair. We open up for the national Heritage Open Days week, the bell tower is open at times – and of course we hold coffee mornings for good causes.

For more information, contact us here or click on one of the activities.
To see all this in “paper” format, download a .pdf leaflet here.